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4.6.11 Panama to Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro

notes for leaving LA: 
- blue bus routes can take u to the LAX transfer terminal, tickets are $1, and don't give change.
- then, from the transfer stop, u can take the free shuttle to take u straight to LAX. 
- then other free bus shuttles can take u to ur terminal for departures.
- always keep small snacks with u in case u run short of time
[1800 blue van for shuttle in LA
888 bell cab for taxi in La]

flew from LA to Panama today, listening to a foreign-dubbed country-music film helps me to sleep. 

thought to share:
knowledge makes us play safe, the secret is to stay childish - Paul Arden

always have handy: 
- currency
- phone charger
- international plug
- food
- water
- tissue
- pen


Vanessa said...

the LA notes don't make sense to me, but i'll make a note of it to note those notes down if i ever do go to LA.

totally agree on the "always have handy"

luvieur said...

Haha. It'd be awesome to go states with LCR!

♥ kabs said...

thanks for the tips!

yes would be awesome to go on a lcr hol to the states!

but we must conquer bangkok first :)


luvieur said...

haha ... i can decypher it when in need.



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