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random things on my bedroom floor


i want a portrait like this one day
gonna make a dress with this concept
love Jane's (from seaofshoes) sequined tigerprint kimono.. LOVE
 she actually looks good after makeup, hair, and styling
a lil too much on my shoulders lately
brows (pic from olsens anonymous)
channeling olsens - this spring summer, i wanna tap into this. boho, dark, free, relaxed, prints, like everyday's a holiday
as much as i love this quote, its clear the girl/tranny that wrote needs to go back to primary school.
the above pic is my 'right now' bit for now... until i get some time to do something PROPER! lol. bad me.


rainbow leen ♥ said...

omg i LOVE that dress concept!!!
zomg!! i'm gonna be drooling over that dress you make! can you make me one? and i'll buy it off you?? LOL
how do you have time to make dresses with your super busy schedule!??!

kristen stewart - yes that's apparently how she would look when she's a vampire =P

Keziah said...

omgosh i want that dress tooo!!!!
TEACH me how to sew...i have so many ideas and things i wana make but i have no clue on how to use a sewing machine properly =S

luvieur said...

thanks so much ladies!
no.. not sewing anytime soon.. i just know i wanna. haha
yes leen, i'll make you one.. we can choose material one day, and i'll make it for you.
kez - we'll make one together. lol

Narjisse-Elisabeth K. said...

made me laugh with the comment on the pic of kristen stewart ahaha

luvieur said...

glad it did, my lovely french lady! xx

rainbow leen ♥ said...

yay! i'm excited! and then i'll parade it around and advertise it for you ^.^ you know i will hahah

♥ kabs said...

i would like one too please... that pic (of the dress with a heart hole in the back) looks really familiar :P

yeah, kristen stewart does looks good there, for once. i can see that as her vampire look :)

PS. lotsa pretty pics in this post! i like <3


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