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in other news

the group photoshoot i've been excited for is CRUSHED .. and canceled. the location could no longer be used.. and we have no where to shoot. so POO this and POO them! GRAH.
in other news...

CHIP CHOP - aussie store
you can get 15% off until this coming thursday if you type SONG15CHIP for their voucher/discount code.

if you haven't already... DJ Earworm - Like, OMG

i'm also thinking of selling makeup and jewelery .. hehe.. yeeeeahhhhboiii..
dw, blog readers will DEFINITELY get a discount! :D

- - -


rainbow leen ♥ said...

OHHH POOO!!! I was looking forward to the group shoot too!! BOO! :(

Anonymous said...

oh damn, about the shoot. i'm sure you'll find somewhere BETTER. :))

that HAIR portrait below really suits you! with your my-little pony-hair. hahaha. you should totally do it.

Monica xx said...

yep definately sell jewellery because i will buy :D that dj earworm mix is frgn AWESOME. btw a good place to shoot photos is a piano grave..where all the sick broken and dead pianos go! :D its such a cool place!

luvieur said...

MONICAAAA! thank you sweet! i will def have a look into it (:
you know what? i was actually thinking about a piano-themed portrait a couple days ago! thank you bub. xx

♥ kabs said...

yeah i was bummed out that shoot was cancelled!! so last minute too!!

piano grave sounds cool! where do u even find one of those?

r u making the jewellery??



luvieur said...

scrapped the idea. making jewelry is too time consuming ):

corgiros x

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