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heels and margs

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umm .. holy macarol!?


[above] margs is filled with cows, painted and dressed to impress for a competition ending at the end of this month
[above] had the Berry Farm's famous beef & red wine pie (: $24.. im not a big red wine fan.. so it wouldnt get my two thumbs up. but the pastry's pretty damn good!       
[above] margs is full of beautiful nature .. a lot of the pics are from the back garden from the Comfort Inn i stayed at
[above] i had tacos at the Settler's Tavern (suggested by a good friend, Min!) pretty good!! :D

back from margaret river! & with some killer photoshoot ideas!! :D will be caring and sharing soon.

ps: HI & THANX to miss mon v for the referral! x

- - -

1 comment:

rainbow leen ♥ said...

bilal's back??? :)
those heels are awesome!

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