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iphone release


while doing my 2-2.5k word report, i stumbled across something about the iPhone...

this is the pretty NY Apple Store.

the release of the iPhone was accompanied by a marketing strategy.. pretty smart, really: they had paid "young, hip-looking film extras to stand in the [LONG] queues for the national launch of Apple's iPhone".

to the left to the left: the queue for the first launch of the iPhone in New York

picture from Caroline McCarthy's CNET blog.

people were 'selling their spot' - one man was selling his spot (including his chair) for $5k!? - and apparently the spot wasn't even that fab. 

this man wasn't the only one, others were selling their spots - but wait - there's more! it comes with a free mattress! O:

--- insane.


naveen said...

lol that's really funny advertisement ,

♥ kabs. said...

LOL, i bet some stupid loser actually bought his stupid spot. he looks like he can't even afford an iphone anyways!

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