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i don't like waiting for food. i really don't like waiting an hour for my food.
i occasionally go to Bar&Grill @ Nicholson Rd (Perth), but i have never waited this long for food.
feck, i've never waited for food this long before! -- so i got bored and started snapping away

[above] exhibit A: baby waiting for his Livingston Steak

[above] exhibit B: me, covering up my anger w/ a somewhat neutral face

[above] exhibit C: Brookland Chicken w/ Garden Salad and Mango

[above] exhibit D: a really hungry exhibit A

food review: Brookland Chicken was good. and was stunned when i found out that my chicken was choked by thin slices of bacon - i don't like bacon so much esp w/ all that fat! the sauce was very nice, and the mango garden salad is always a fab side!
the Livingston Steak, was nice, too. but the smell of the oysters was a put-off.

ps: i love my nails in exhibit B!! thanks to kabs for letting me intoxicate her room w/ the smell of Bloom nailpolish [shade: YeoJin] late @ night.
pps: babe, that shirt is way to big for you.

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