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super saiyan my mane
no, seriously. we need to recolour that. haha

like Bubblegum flavoured icecream
purrrfect-for-summer batwing t (Bardot) & awesome geometrics necklace (believe it or not, Sportsgirl).

i love you more
charity bag (:

ona & i MUST organise and execute project Summer Shopping 'o9 ASAP! gotta do our wardrobe spring cleaning, as summer is near!

& i really can't wait til study is overr - then i can roll in dozens (hopefully) of photoshoots! my fav models: Ash, Alison, Kabs, Jussy; and i'm looking to shoot some more beauties this spring/summer! YAY!
i have many ideas in mind, so v.excited!!!


benjamin said...

Check, please, my blog where I post vintage pictures on arts, natural history and advertising.

♥ kabs said...

Ooohhh noice hair Ona!! I mean... tell ona i said "noice hair Ona"

I miss u heapss babe! I have been working 9 days straight for the last week and only get today off and then work again!! Its psycho crazy!!

Love u XX

luvieur said...

AWWW BUBS! hope you're having sufficient sleep and time to hear from and see ric3!! (:

miss u too hun. i've been wondering where u were when i've been working @myer lately. ):

we need to do some shopping + photoshoot together!! hopefully it'll b less insane after exams and all! xx

♥ kabs said...

aww i think its gonna be just as crazy after exams cos my parents r going nuts making me work everyday! HAHA

but i will have some free days for some me time and david time too hopefully!! also some free time for my lovely ladies!! miss u heaps xx

PS. my verification word for this comment is PUNTS haha

luvieur said...

haha. u loser

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