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living on a diet of chocolates and cigarettes

i'm not really a big fan of Rihanna
honestly, i think her voice is whiny annoying .. i'm gunna refrain from adding comments like a rude boy.
this one didn't make me cringe at first listen.
and the clip is sweet.

- - -

dimsum @ XinTienDi w kabs
the place is beautiful, but the food isn't the best.



 [above] fresh watermelon juice .. mMmmmm


 [above] not my fault you have an ugly face <3

 [above] kabs making a doodle in the doodle book

- - -


♥ kabs said...

haha yes i have to admit, i am uuuuuuugly. haha but at least you tried ur best to photoshop most of my imperfections. i guess the only way to make me pretty in that pic is to photoshop my whole face off and put a sexy celebrities face on top of it!! HAHA

well, david reckons i'm still beautiful :)


luvieur said...

HAHA! i tried.. but your body failed to cooperate. :P
jks babe.. i love you. and ur the most beautiful girl i know! x

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