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collaborative project hiring YOU

sometimes i wish i had an assistant

so i spontaneously decided to create and go ahead with a collaborative project with... you.
if you have a webcam, i'd appreciate your help by sending me 2 webcam (webcam only) pics of yourself.
there are NO rules. dress up, pull your funniest face, pose, whatever! NO RULES!
send it to with the subject line 'Collab Webcam'

- - -

Blake Wright is one crazy mofo..
LOVE his shit.
his work is exactly what the world needs: useless drawing and warped perceptions of life.

- - -


♥ kabs said...

that is some random pics.

anyways, isit too late to contribute to ur collab webcam project?? i have been a tad bit busy (lazy) :)


luvieur said...

i didnt get many pics.. so i think i'm calling it off ):
thanks anyway

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