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stars say

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reading my horoscope.
any other Cancerians out there:
"Why can't your week be full of true joy, real love, deep inspiration and intense creative enthusiasm? It can be. It's just that it can't, despite all that, be entirely trouble-free? But as long as you can find the self-possession to deal with all this without letting it sour your mood, all of it will pass without causing lasting harm. Your generosity of spirit is a fine thing"
i have a on-off relationship with horoscopes reading. this one is right on the money.
thank you for the signs.

- - -

the clouds are slowly clearing, and i can see a little better.
nevertheless, my heart's still sunk down that deep hole.
i need to jump to the other side. but i'm scared it'll backfire and i'll end up hurting.
so i'll carefully tread on air for now.
- - -

what beautiful coats! would love to have seen these earlier (for winter).
that's ok. i still have my poncho/cape! wheeee!

- - -

my spring forecast

sheer, apricot, soft, beige, grey, nude, layers, military

- - -

wondering if I should do bayalage this summer? so tempted.. but i'd lose my rainbow hair
- - -

1 comment:

♥ kabs said...

yea ur identity will be gone!!

i like ur spring trends!! very pretty :)


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