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werds for nerds // vids if u cant read

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was reading words from a large paper print format medium today, the writer was reporting views about Gen Y. okay...i've had enough of people bagging shit out of Gen Y tagging us with labels like 'lazy' and 'arrogant'. we have been brought up with the values of Baby Boomers in a technological environment. we multitask, we are optimistic about the future, techo-savvy, we want to squeeze more out of life before we 'settle', flexible, spenders, self-aware, and we take action to make changes. instead of saying crap about us, maybe we should learn a little from each other and give help where we are lacking. sick of people making judgment and not doing anything about it. It's like telling your dog it smells and is dirty, but not giving it a wash when it needs one... yeah, ok, random example.

*sigh*. k.. now all that and my bra is off my chest -

here's something else random - Scott Pilgrim VS The World. i wantsta watch.

had a taste of pampering on my bday... can't wait for bali! HOOPLAH!
ps: went to Looks Divine day spa in the city - they give you complimentary tea/coffee and biscuits! WIN!

what's that? you want another video?! O:


- - -

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