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last few wks in a photo-nutshell

received a couple parcels lately.... JOY!

- - -

the winter weather has been so unpredictable.. so i try to grab a bargain before it's no longer sunny outside

- - -

yoga has been the best way to have catchups more often... and we LOVE going to ToTo's viet restaurant in Vic Park after yoga. but my clothes and hair smells like an asian restaurant later ): boo.
[above] LOVE condom rolls. well.. thats what me n b have called it.. it's creeping into my posse's vocab tho! haha... what's it called again? viet fresh paper roll?
Mmm.. Baskin & Robbins for dessert on a winter's night! haha... staying loyal to my Love Potion! <3

shirley's warm slippers (:

- - -


Vanessa said...

i might have to start going bikram just to see you girls more often!
and omg shirleys shoes HOW EFFING CUTE!

♥ kabs said...

yes van, please join us!! the catchups after bikram are soooo much fun :)

condom rolls, coconut juice w/ pulp, pho, & jamoca almond fudge, all in the same night!! heaven.

haha shirley's cute slippers. i wanted to steal them ^^

PS. pearly looks really cute!! i miss her :(


luvieur said...

i miss p, too! she's back soon!!! :D today? tm? no, yesterday? O:

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