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about half a month late.
@Oriel's in subi

- - -

im super duper fcuktasticly excited!
shot s&m13's wedding
shot libby yesterday
won 'that' ebay item - vintage camera
shot steph t's 18th - Monster Ball today! - amazing pics
shooting new acting talent jesse fleay tm!
i am a loaded gun.

- - -

 to the Monster Ball
also got to meet the little sweet, miss mon v! x

- - -


- - -


rainbow leen ♥ said...

ooo where was the monster ball held at??? looks hell nice :)
Excited for your photos!

Vanessa said...

hahahha omg loving that picture of shirley hahaha lawls.

glad to hear you've been so busy yo, can't wait for the eye candy!

cosy girl catch ups when i get back ok strfsh! xxx

Monica said...

i had to comment...cuz i JUST recognised the chair hahaahah

♥ kabs said...

hehe @ vanessa & pearly pics. so cute! kinda like a mini love story going on!!

&& of course shirley has to always be pulling a new weird facial expression in all her pics. i think its he signature pose??

the pic of u is awesome!! perfect timing!! i'm pretty sure that i was the awesome photographer who took it :)


luvieur said...

i know - MY HAIR!! O:< friggin amazing flotoglaffa, kabs. ;)
and u look so sweet in the pic! x

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