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royal showdown

it's that time of year again: The Perth Royal Show..
where teens, young families, and really bored adults get festive and buy a shit load of candy and fork out to win fluffy toys to pride on.

this year, i'll pass. my arm is still in a sling.. and well, frankly, i don't have money to splurge on.

so i'll relive it with photos.

taken by my actionsampler

- - -


♥ kabs said...

oh royal show. the memories. do u still have any of those luhvghetti neo stickers??! when was the last time we all went together? so young. so so young.

i miss hanging out with just us girls. all of us. this saturday... hopefully emma will stay out late with us *fingers crossed*


luvieur said...

YAY!!! this saturday!
we've grown up ):

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