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in my shell

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yoghurt, muesli, strawberries - brekky
Gothic Lolita and weeds as bookmarks
mini kenzo & bvlgari - thanks mmii!

- - -

if you believe in astrology, you would say that Cancerians like to keep in their shell.

i like my space once in a while just to have a little one-on-one time with myself.
i eat well, i look at pretty pictures, i dabble in making/creating art, i discover more, and i brush myself up.

but i love my lovers, and i want to be with people as much as i can. i love the feeling of belonging to my several families, and feeling connected with people on a personal level.

- - -

1 comment:

♥ kabs said...

awwww. i know u love to hang out with me. im so cool. haha love u too beb.


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