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1 comment:
one stab in each arm.
for you, south america!

speaking of south america, my main men are away in LA atm.. and i miss them dearly.

- - -

on other news:
- i'm invited to a Hen's Night! w00t! i hope it's dirty as hell
- i'm searching much harder now for albums from Lo-Tel and Motor Ace. if you could lend it to me, i'll marry you
- i really really really really want new heels. - oh.. haha. and the space in my closet for it (:
- i'm still editing wedding photos - i keep myself entertained by dancing around in my PJs once in a while.

- - -

check out Black Milk clothing, their stuff is wicked sticks
oh, what? you wanna buy me my birthday present early? ahaha.. here you go.

- - -

1 comment:

♥ kabs said...

holiday needles are such a pain in the ASS/ARM. but i guess way better that getting some disease on holiday! mine hurt heaps bad, and i still had to work :(


(i swear i had this word before!! repeat offender :P)

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