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get set, everybody

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i've been inspired
it started with this chick:

at the early stages of my love for photography, i would dream concepts and shoot, with myself or lovers as models. using myself as a model was difficult, but so much fun. 
i love being behind the lens, for most of the time. i like having my photos taken only by some people
so this is a booster button.
my inspiration is soaring from doing tiny shoots again.
so bare with me while the start of this ride begins with my mug!

having my photos taken with my Yoko Ono/Maggi Noodles/Scary Spice hair was the beginning. 

i'm also very fond of using larger images now. so, i hope you also enjoy the impact larger viewing makes. 

- - -

i've taken the extensions out of my hair... just for a couple months while i'm in S.America. it'll be back, don't fret, my dear.

- - -

1 comment:

♥ kabs said...

NOOOOO not the hair!!

but i also quite like what you've done with your hair now! so either way, you are still beautiful :)

btw, your scary-spice-noodle-hair shot reminds me of mary-kate olsen mixed with lady gaga


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