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xmas eve '10

photos from xmas eve:
my room in my new house

[above] lovely china owl + robot i bought from Melbourne
[above] had a fever for a couple days before eve .. bedside: juice, herbal tea, neurofen, antibiotics, strepsils

[above] my xmas present to myself - donation to Fred Hollows... kinda proud of myself

[above] candlelit dinner

- - -


Joeyy said...

OMG. I wanna come over and see your new house!! One day I'll own a house just like it but better MUAHUAHUAHUHAUH lol :) lucky you get to swim on such hot days - envy you guys!

luvieur said...

P: should come for a splash when ur free! :D

Dani Sunario said...

I love how simple, yet eclectic your room is! And I ADORE your polaroid wall!!!

:) dani

luvieur said...

thanks dani!!
hope you've had a lovely 2010! x

♥ kabs said...

your new house is so nicely decorated. even my 'room' is awesome :)


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