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juicebox wednesday

wednesday creativity was juiced up by:
- drawing over coffee
- making a top
- drawing outfits
- painting my nails

also went to mr. fox's crib to chill and look through pretty books

 [above] my nails
 [above] the top i made

- - -

@ Jonny's
Tony, Maisey, Luvieur

- - -

drawings over coffee, and drawings of outfits 
 [above] wednesday & tuesday outfits
- - -


Monica said...

hey stef, im glad ur creative juices r flowing again...!!!!!! I loved ur melb photos but i miss seeing ur original stuff!!

luvieur said...

mon! lovely to hear from you again!
i miss my original stuff too!
dw darling, i'm going to pump it all out asap! (:
hope you're well. xx

Anonymous said...

nice top. maybe you should make me one : )

luvieur said...

u da funny, betch

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