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what's that? u wanna see boring food pics?!

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parcel arrived - WHOOPEE! i'll show you the kinder goodness soon! :D

went to have lunch with shirley
followed by a dinner @ Toto's (Vic Park)
yeah, shirley's not much of a poser. i have many flattering pics of her half blinking, laughing, and mid-talking.
on that note: dear shirley, take lots of pics when you're over in mother land! xx

- - -
i'm glad that i'm actually doing some exercise this year - i feel so much better!
last year, i did nothing - i was pretty much a walking muffin.
this year, i started bikram yoga, then added some zumba. i'm hoping to start dance classes  or volleyball! (:

after yoga, i down a coconut juice to get me all refreshed and awake, all prepared for a late dinner (this time, it was Hawkers in Northbridge)
w emma & kabs

- - -

1 comment:

♥ kabs said...

haha shirley. she is super sexy in those pics (half blinking, etc.)

i like how u put the pics of my head & body in perfect alignment!!

cant wait til summer too!! i can feel it! <3


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