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badger badger badger badger

received mass amounts of online purchases! WHOOPEE!!

ps: don't buy from MODA Onlineshop. she is really rude! >:(
pps: tell iCandy Style that you were referred from Luvieur Photography, and get a discount on your purchases! :D

sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I hope to bring you more exciting mundane pictures soon! :D

Wild/Safari - Cobra

- - -


Dani Sunario said...


I just started following your blog (I'm a fellow Perth blogger) and came across this post - I too have had a terrible experience with MODAOnlineShop. It's sad - I was really looking forward to playing with some of the dresses! :(

luvieur said...

ugh. doesn't that shit you!? haha

hope you enjoy my photoblog contents! lol.

ps: LOVE the kaftan dress worn on your blog pic! (:

♥ kabs said...

love receiving parcels! i've been shopping online like crazy lately. mostly accessories & phone stuff tho.

btw, i never really notices how complicated joanne's hair looks in that photo until now.

looks pretty nice actually. but not like i could do that to my own hair if i wanted to :(


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