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HI: day01

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hi.. (:

given that my latest trip to Hawaii was several days long, i'll be following the same format i blogged my South America travels (:
if you'd like to see my South America travel photo blogging (that i did during travels), you can see them in 2011 (27th May, to 26th July), the titles start with ""
if you'd like to see my re-caps of photos i took in South America, you can see them in 2011 (21st August, to 8th September), the titles start with " trip:"

photos after the jump (;
- - -

the main purpose for my holiday in Hawaii was for my girlfriend's wedding..
i flew on xmas day, and came back a few days into 2013 - yes, i spent new years in Hawaii - so fucking lucky!

[above] roomies, j & kabs. Melbourne > Honolulu

[above] flying buddy

[above] arrived at our hotel, Ramada Plaza Waikiki, seriously recommend this place (underrated)

[above] cute Hawaiian xmas deco in our lobby

[above] bought these cigars for the pretty vintage tin packaging

[above] our room, before we pushed the double beds together to create the ultimate slumber space

[above] walked over around to our neighbor hotel

[above] got picked up by pea & her (then) fiance, and drove out into military base

[above] the anti-social cat, Kiwi

[above] a serious xmas feast by pea, her fiance, and her family

[above] surprise xmas presents and unwrapping

- - -

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