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a place to call home

so it's the end of couch surfing, and i've finally found a place to call home.
here's my pad, and just a few things that's been happening over the last couple days...

[above] this little fella, a gift from Hashem, I've named Sanchez Flores. he's from Peru teehee


[above] this amazing beautiful lady, Thai, played some violin for me, and bought me flowers as a housewarming!

[above] my art table

[above] a big wardrobe ... def my room!


[above] getting some DIY deco action on my ikea table, which i proudly put together myself! (:

[above] i'm usually the one, back home, to be setting up and taking down the xmas tree.. and although i'll be in hawaii for xmas 2012, i still wanted to decorate just a little bit.

speaking of hawaii, i should probably make a pack-list soon! and perhaps find a couple dresses for the wedding - eek!!

 - - -


kabsolutely said...

nice crib!! so jealous of ur wardrobe size. i got totally ripped off at my room. loving the xmas decor :) xo

Anonymous said...

good times ahead!

luvieur said...

hehe @kabao! you should've called dibs. well, at least the next house, you'll have the master (;

@anon yay! i can't wait!!

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