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the move

so, i've moved to Melbourne. haha.. and i've been terribly slack with my blogging *woops*

here's a photo dump (: 

with my bro for Max Brenner's

did some melbourne-tourist-things: Krispy Kremes, Starbucks, & a photo of the Melbourne Central tower // then went to Ben's hood (dodgy Footscray) for some pho

out with adrian, my old friend

dessert after brunch at Mocha Jo's

dinner at Basque, Spanish tapas

brunch at Tulk

roaming Chapel St, and meeting Spud

BBQ dinner after gym, protein machines

herb scrambled eggs, goats cheese, and sourdough

going into Bikram Yoga

my new home

breakfast is SERVED!

Edithvale. i can't. i miss you so much, Perth beaches! wahh!

me and my brobro <3 br="br" crepes="crepes" french="french">

Eggs Florentine on Degraves St

poster art on Degraves St, and QV

sexy Steve Maddens // photoshoot the next day with them

street art (above ft Splash Baron)

didn't bring my facepaints from Perth, so resorted to cheap makeup..

Secret Walls art battle between Jack Douglas & Eleven.

- - -

it's been 2 weeks now, and I'm moving out of my family friend's home
for those of you in Burn city, you may find me in Port Melbourne! (:

just got the keys today!
buying a mattress and other furnitures tm,
moving in on Sunday.
totes excites!!

still looking for work.
photography work would be preferred, but am also looking for retail during the crazy xmas period (:

so if you know of something, hit me up (:

- - -


Anonymous said...

looks like your having a blast! and eating a lot! haha im happy for you!

luvieur said...

yes i am eating a lot! haha .. a bit of a worry... thank youuuu :3

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