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Raah: the flash return of J


 [above] shirley & jussy

 [above] rose iced tea <3

 [above] pea & starfish

 [above] my bitch, kabs

 [above] these bitches eat.

 [above] i love this little lady.

[above] i also love Love Potion.

Jussy drove down from Tom Price, outback, to stay in Perth for a few days. 
we dined in at Raah to feast and finish off with satisfying our sweet tooth.

i also poorly documented food - the food was so irresistable - so the last three photos are courtesy of kabs.

- - -


kabsolutely said...

this little lady love you.
& thanks for the BR last night. you so sweet :)

luvieur said...

Naww... Such a small thing! I'm glad I went there to get it too, otherwise I would've had to watch u work out haha

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