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don't theorize, accessorize! Ba-RATZ

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Eddie Borgo.. i love you.

bracelet, bullet cuffs (AHMAIGAHDIWANTS!), cuffs, padlock necklace, ball rings, wooden cuffs

- - -

and my, what lovely accessories LV is rolling out for menswear

- - -

i'd also love to make this mens-turned-womens (aka tranny) an addition to my wardobe
Gitman Brothers teamed with Opening Ceremony - Cheetah shirt. delicious.

- - -

in other news, luvieur store currently has sold 1 of 8 pieces.
i have to admit though, i am a little attached to the clothes i'm selling.. and keep thinking i should keep 'em. but i think they need a new home.

- - -

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